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    The present described general conditions next, they govern exclusively the contractual relations between every user of the web (named from now on "User" o "you") and the seller, who is Euskal Fighters. The mailing of the order realized by means of the form of buy implies its agreement with the present general sale conditions. The orders realized in are stored in our database and they checked meticulously by our commercial department in order to warn the client as rapid as possible in case of incidence. The formalization of the contract of buy and the contacts with our clients they will always be in Spanish.
    1 - Identification and Social Reason
    Euskal Fighters, establishes its registered office in Spain in Square Landabaso 8, 48015, Bilbao, Biscay. It is inscribed in the Mercantile Record of the Region of Biscay, ready its services of electronic sale for Internet across its web page Its postal domicile for claims is Square Landabaso 8, 48015, Bilbao, Biscay, Spain. Its contact direction is the e-mail and the phone of attention to the client is (0034) 946 526 529.

    2 - Price policy
    Euskal Fighters saves himself in every moment and unilaterally the right to the modification without previous notice to the price of its products. The VAT is included in these prices, but not the postage and packing, which will be added to the whole of the amount of the chosen products. There will not be admitted orders that include products with not correct sale price, it is which be the motive (bug computer programmer, manual error, technician...)

    3 - Form of Mailing and Delivery times:
    The products bought in Euskal Fighters will be sent to the whole Peninsular Spain and Balearic Islands, Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra, Portugal and the rest of the world. The mailing of all our products in stock, is realized across a courier company, being the delivery time foreseen for the Peninsula of 24 hours and for Balearics from 48 until 72 hours. Nevertheless, Euskal Fighters cannot guarantee these delivery times). The client will have of 24 hours to verify the integrity of all the components and to verify that there is included everything what it owes in the order. Past these 24 hours the mailing will be considered recognized and claims will not be accepted by damages or mistakes with the mailing. An order will be considered to be dedicated when the delivery receipt should be signed on the part of the client. It is in the next 24 hours when the client must verify the products to the reception of the same ones and exhibit all the objections that could exist.

    4 - Returns.
    Euskal Fighters offers the possibility of returning products inside the first 30 working days, for the motive that is, starting from the date of reception of the goods for the client, and whenever the conditions exhibited on this page are fulfilled.

    Return conditions: - Returns of the following products will not be accepted, as the LAW establishes 47/2002, of December 19, of reform of the Law 7/1996, of January 15, of Arrangement of the Retail trade, for the transposition to the Spanish juridical arranging of the Board 97/7/CE, on the subject of contracts over a distance, and for the adaptation of the Law to diverse community Instructions. - To realize a return he must contact us to communicate to us the above mentioned return. Any goods must be returned in its original packing, in perfect condition and protected so that it is not received by seals or adhesive tapes of transport. In the opposite case Euskal Fighters there is reserved the right to push the return back. - The returns must be delivered in destination inside 15 working days later to the date of acceptance of the return. In the opposite case it will be pushed back and returned. - As soon as the goods were received and verified that it is in perfect conditions, one will proceed with the return of the amount if this way it is indicated. - The expenses of transport caused by the return will run in charge of the client. - The fertilizers route bank transfer as returns will take a maximum term of 30 days as administrative steps, although we try that they do not take a long time any more than 7 days.

    5 - Guarantees of the products.S
    Euskal Fighters, guarantees according to the current laws and the following conditions all the articles that it distributes. In case of absence of conformity of the product, it is recognized a term of one year from the moment of the delivery so that the buyer could make its rights effective, however, only in 6 months following the delivery it will be presumed that the absence of conformity already existed at the moment of the delivery, being up to the buyer to try, in the remaining 6 months (this is, from the seventh one up to finishing the year) that the good was do not agree, all this in accordance with the article 114 and following of the Legislative Royal decree 1/2007. The consumer has a term of fifteen days since it had knowledge of the absence in accordance with the good to communicate it to Euskal Fighters.

    To protest for the absence of conformity of the product, the consumer can go both to the seller and to the manufacturer of the product In any case, during the time that the consumer sees forbidden of the product there is suspended the calculation of the term of the guarantee; for example, if the repair of an object lasts 15 days, the term of guarantee will end 15 days after originally foreseen. The postage and packing generated by the procedure of the guarantee of the product will be to charge Euskal Fighters in those cases where it is supposed that the absence of conformity exists in the acquired good. It will always be under the instructions indicated by Euskal Fighters, previous request and acceptance. In case the sent product does not present the stated or this breakdown it is not covered by the guarantee, one will be sick to the client with charge of freightages of collection and delivery, being able to invoice also the labor used in the cross-check and/or test of the supposedly defective article. The consumer will be able to protest if the acquired good does not fit to the description realized by the seller, it does not have the qualities that the consumer has seen by means of a sample or model, it does not serve for the uses to which ordinarily there are assined the consumer goods of the same type, it is not suitable for the special use that had been needed by the consumer and that the seller has accepted or does not present the quality and the expected behavior, especially bearing in mind the public declarations (publicity, leaflets, labeling...) on its concrete characteristics done by the seller or the manufacturer.

    Euskal Fighters will not take charge of possible damages that could prove for bad use, manipulation, or wear. The guarantee will not be valid in case of external factors to the normal use of the product, such as, use of accessories inadequate or prohibited by the manufacturers (Washers, etc.), falls, water, fire or incorrect or excessive handling on the part of the client or for third persons not authorized by the manufacturers.

    6 - Procedure of the guarantee.
    For the procedure of the guarantee, the consumer will be able to do it straight with the manufacturer or with Euskal Fighters, following at all times the instructions indicated for it.